2015 Design Award Winners

The quotes below are from the jury.  Click here to view our post with photos from the event.


Honor Awards

The Cathedral of Saint Paul Organ Case
(Non-Traditional Project)

Duncan G. Stroik Architect, LLC

“An elegant design approach that is executed beautifully: it excels on all levels. This project is stylistically and architecturally grand yet not imposing. The jury was impressed with the overall design and fabrication and felt the Organ Case was elegant, well-crafted, and respectful of the existing Cathedral. It was also noted that the project included exquisite documentation and particular attention to detail. The craftsmanship of the smallest of details gives definition, shape and form to create a finished piece that felt as beautiful as sculpture.”

The Residences at American Trust Place
(Interior Architecture)

Buccellato Design, LLC

“The Residences are a beautifully executed project that shows both rigor of design and restraint on the palette of materials. The spaces are clean, modern, and well detailed with a clear design intent. The Architect’s solid space planning is complimented by the play of heavy and light finishes to achieve a timeless look. A quality of this design is the ability to capture natural light and take advantage of the cityscape views. The white walls help accentuate the marble tops and create a striking contrast with the dark kitchen casework to give an upscale and sleek feel.”

Merit Awards

The Box
(New Construction)

Bamesberger Architecture

“The project explores an interesting parti to the residential typology with a straightforward placement of simple geometry within the landscape. The cube forms are uncluttered with a certain looseness and airiness that creates a cabin-like feel without a tree canopy. The overall composition is complimented by open fields and natural grasses and is situated nicely in the landscape. There is a purity to the simple functions that appear to fit well within this cleanly organized plan. Using minimal adornment, maximum effect is achieved in the rhythm and pattern of the façade. The Jury found the strong geometry both foreign to the site and able to ground the building within the site. There is a loft-like feeling to the space with access to the ground. The natural colors of the building materials blend well with the vegetation and natural scenery and the glass and screen walls create a certain privacy yet transparency with connection to the outdoors. Overall a nicely executed project.”

Mishawaka Main Junior High Apartments (Preservation/Adaptive Reuse/Renovation)

Kil Architecture & Planning

“This is a very nice adaptive re-use of an existing building that has not lost its original “defining characteristics” of the solid brick structure, large corridors, natural wood floors and large expanses of glass. This appears to be a very respectful transformation. The Jury appreciated the wonderful effort involved in the re-development of an outdated school to create much needed senior housing. The creation of bright, well lighted apartments is a benefit afforded few structures of this caliber.”  

Citation Awards

Island Park Pavilion
(New Construction)

Alliance Architects

“This project is a fun exploration of tensile structure and re-greening of an under-utilized public space. With a canopy that emulates sails upon the water, the structure gives definition, identity and shelter and creates a new sense of place for this festival-like destination. With a sculptural form that compliments the neighboring building’s rooflines, the canopy feels textural, light and airy and becomes a new civic focal point for public functions and gatherings.”

Triangle Neighborhood
(Non-Traditional Projects)

Alliance Architects

“While New Urbanism is no longer a new concept, the Jury believed there was a significant amount of attention given to details that help establish this new infill development. The project has well defined design guidelines and should be commended for its community-wide effort to raise the consciousness of design. The thoughtful pre-design and pre-construction information gives vision to the project while offering Homeowners and Builders an opportunity for individuality without requiring a cookie-cutter approach to new home construction.”

Gary Bathing Beach Pavilion “Aquatorium”
(Preservation/Adaptive Reuse/Renovation)

Kil Architecture & Planning

“This project is recognized for its solid rehabilitation and modernization of a beautiful historic building. The renovation produced a nice sense of elegance for the place and the structure. The Jury was pleased to see that this structure had survived decades awaiting initial revitalization. This project continued the process of reinvention and is a pleasing preservation of a significant focal point structure along the water’s edge.”

Harter Heights House
(Preservation/Adaptive Reuse/Renovation)

William Jackson, AIA, StudioJackson

“The project is a sensitive addition to the original structure, with nice articulation of massing, material and details. While significant in size and scope, the addition does not overpower the original house. The project emphasizes attention to detail with the addition constructed in a manner to appear seamless with the original structure.”

Robert L. Miller Sr. Veteran’s Center (Preservation/Adaptive Reuse/Renovation)

Bamesberger Architecture

“This project is recognized for general simplicity and respectful nature of its execution. It fits well within its context and feels inviting to visitors. The Community Room and Communal Zone is open and welcoming with large windows and comfortable daylighting. The Public and Private zones offer a balance of open and closed spaces that successfully enhance the purposeful function of the facility. The Jury felt this was a very successful renovation and adaptive reuse project and applauds the collaborative, community effort.”